Let me start off by saying this project was one of the most special projects I have ever worked on! I got to asist my In-laws in doing a major renovation on their home. A total kitchen gut and design, all new flooring throughout, a master bathroom remodel, and a guest bathroom update. My inlaws are some of the most caring, gernerous and kind hearted people I know and to do this with them was so fun. I love how the project came together and how so many details remind me of them. Thank you Jo and Mike for giving me the opportunity to help you create your dream space.

Love you both dearly,


DIY Succulent Garden

Drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 Here is my little cactus succulent garden. I love creating these little succulent centerpieces. I use them in both our indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are the instructions: 1. Start with a pot of your choice. I found this one at anthropologie 2. add small rocks to the bottom of your pot (This prevents the succulents roots from molding or rotting). 3. Add succulent soil to the pot (I usually mix in some dirt from my yard so that it's a combination of soil). 4. Plant succulents of your choice (If using a sharp or spiky succulent make sure to wear gloves. No seriously, wear gloves). 5. Then cover the surface with decomposed granite and add in rocks (this gives it that desert feel). Viola!!! There you have it your own mini dessert oasis🌵💖🌵. Here is my supplies list: planter-anthropologie, rocks/soil/dg/cactus-Gardens by the Sea, Sea Glass- World Market. 

Happy Planting!


Backyard Refresh: Part 1

Around this time of year I always get the itch to start working in the yard and making it our second living room. Hubby and I decided that we were going to add a small sitting area to the far side of our yard. Somehow I forgot to take a picture before we tore out that section of the grass. Oops... Once we removed the grass from the area we laid down weed cloth as a base and filled the area with decomposed granite.We used a tamper and water to get the area level and compact. This was a very budget/water conscious option if your looking to break up your grass ($45 for the decomposed granite). We rented a home depot truck ($19.95 for the first 75 minutes) and loaded it up at a local nursery. This is the second time we have done this and I highly suggest it. I cannot wait to share the next phase of the project with you. Part 2: PATIO FURNITURE!

Happy Weekend Friends! 


White Paint Recommendations:

I am sharing my 4 go-to white paint recommendations from Benjamin Moore for cabinets, trim, and walls.

Happy Painting Friends!


Affordable Outdoor Furniture:

With daylight savings time and all the beautiful weather we have been having I am all about making our outdoor space our second living room. I rounded up a few of my favorite outdoor sofa/sectional/chair combos that I thought I'd share.

Happy Daylight Savings Time,


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